Ground Storage Units

Our Values

Our Values

Our Model

At Interstate Mini Storage, emphasis on helping people through Our Values is the inspiration for outstanding Storage expertise and tremendous attention to the needs of our tenants.

Golden Rule

Treat each other, each tenant, and each supplier with utmost respect as we would best like to be treated ourselves.

Customer is Boss

A caring, “can-do” attitude in every situation.

Inverted Pyramid

While Customer Service, Storage know-how, and Innovation are what we excel at, fostering the growth of our people and those we do business with is the focus that drives us.

A traditional organizational chart is not something you will find at Interstate Mini Storage. We believe that our Tenants and Staff are the most important elements of our business. Tenants are placed at the top of our model, while our Property Ownership is placed at the bottom, supporting the rest of the organization. This model encourages personal and professional growth of employees so that they not only excel at their jobs, but also develop essential skills that go beyond their contributions to Interstate Mini Storage.

We strongly believe that, by building a sense of community in the workplace, our model provides the best possible support to our tenants.