Ground Storage Units

Sizes & Prices

One of the most common questions asked is, "How much space do I need?" There's not really an easy answer, because each individual's storage needs are different. However, these guidelines may help you in making the best choice for you.

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Monthly Rates

Unit Size * Square Feet * Non-Climate Controlled ** Climate-Controlled **
5x5 25 $40.00Rent Now $60.00Rent Now
5x7.5 37.5 -- $75.00Rent Now
5x10 50 $56.00Rent Now $87.00Rent Now
5x15 75 $68.00Rent Now --
10x7.5 75 $68.00Rent Now --
10x10 100 $84.00Rent Now $130.00Rent Now
10x12 120 $90.00Rent Now --
10x15 150 $106.00Rent Now $149.00Rent Now
10x20 200 $119.00Rent Now $185.00Rent Now
15x20 300 $163.00Rent Now $275.00Rent Now
12x25 300 $163.00Rent Now --
12x30 360 $195.00Rent Now --
24x30 720 $330.00Rent Now --
Gated, Uncovered Parking *
10x25 Paved 250 $66.00
10x50 Paved 500 $110.00
10x25 250 $55.00
10x30 300 $66.00
10x45 450 $99.00
12x50 600 $132.00
12x60 720 $158.40

*All sizes are approximate          **Prices subject to change

We also offer the following resources on our website to help make your self storage process as easy as possible. Use our Space Calculator to determine how much space you need or let our illustrations help you decide which size is best for you!